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Sandwich Menu

Served Monday to Friday 12:00pm to 2:30pm (until 3pm on Saturdays)


Choose from a selection of freshly baked granary or white bread, served with crisps and salad garnish.

Make your sandwich toasted for an extra 25p!


-Egg Mayonnaise £4.45

-Mature cheddar cheese with tomato or pickle £4.85

-Bacon, lettuce and tomato £4.85

-Gammon ham with mustard or horseradish £4.95

-Chicken breast in coronation sauce £4.85

-Roast chicken breast £4.85

-Tuna and red onion in mayonnaise (dolphin friendly) £4.85

-Prawn in rosemarie sauce £5.95

-Smoked Salmon £6.25


The Club Sandwich £8.45

3 slices of lightly toasted bread filled with bacon, chicken, egg, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and mayonnaise and a side of chips (suitable for sharing, please ask when ordering)

Doorstep Sandwiches

Freshly baked bloomer bread, served with salad garnish


-Bacon and mushroom or fried egg £4.75

-Bacon and brie £4.95

-Sausage and onion or fried egg £4.75

-Hot cajun chicken breast £6.75

Designed for the smaller appetite


Single course only £5.25 or add a dessert or coffee for £6.25


-Fresh haddock fillet served with chips and tartare sauce

-Two prime lincolnshire sausages, baked beans and chips

-Two slices of lean gammon ham, served with a fried egg and chips

-Homemade lasagne topped with melted cheese and cracked black pepper, served with a salad garnish or garlic bread

-Four pieces of wholetail scampi served with homemade coleslaw, salad garnish, tartare sauce and chips

-Smoked haddock and spring onion fishcake, served with salad garnish, homemade coleslaw and potato wedges

-"Chef's Special Recipe" homemade cottage pie, served with mixed vegetables and potato wedges



Small vanilla ice cream, served with chocolate, strawberry or butterscotch sauce


Cheesecake of the day, served with cream

On the side

Small chips £1.95

Large chips £2.45

Cheesy chips £3.00

Curly fries £2.65

Sweet potato fries £2.75

Garlic bread £1.95

Cheesy garlic bread £2.45

Breaded onion rings £2.45

Side salad £3.95

Bread and butter £1.50

Whitebait on a bed of salad with tatare sauce £4.95


Light Lunch Menu

Served Monday to Friday 12:00pm to 2:30pm (until 3pm on Saturdays)


The Club Sandwich