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Current Lunchtime Menu

October 2020



Served on white or granary bread from Mr.B the local baker, with crisps and salad garnish;


Sandwich of the day (See specials board daily)

Egg Mayonnaise  - £4.65

Mature cheddar cheese with tomato, onion or pickle  - £4.95

Chicken breast pieces in our homemade coronation sauce  - £4.95

Gammon ham with mustard or horseradish  - £4.95

Tuna with red onion and mayonnaise  - £4.85

Prawns in a marie rose sauce and paprika  - £6.25


Doorstep sandwiches, on thick cut bloomer bread made daily from Mr B. Served with a salad garnish;


Bacon and mushroom, or fried egg  - £4.95

Bacon and Brie  - £4.95

Sausage and onion, or fried egg  - £4.95

Hot Cajun chicken breast  - £6.95


The Club Sandwich


3 slices of lightly toasted bread with mayo, filled with bacon, lettuce, tomato, egg, cucumber and chicken. Topped with chips! (Please mention when ordering if sharing)  - £8.95





Small chips  - £2.25     Large chips  - £2.75       Cheesey chips  - £3.25       Onion rings  - £2.65




                                              (State when ordering)


Single course £5.25 / / With dessert OR coffee  £6.25


- Ham, egg and chips

- Sausage, chips and beans

- Scampi, chips, coleslaw and salad garnish

- Beer battered haddock and chips


Desserts include; Small vanilla ice cream with sauces, or cheesecake of the day






-  Ploughmans; Brie or cheddar, served with a salad garnish, coleslaw, pickles and crusty bread   - £8.25


-  Cajun Chicken; Succulent spiced grilled chicken breast, with salsa, salad, homemade coleslaw and curly fries  - £9.95


-  Bangers and mash; Three lincolnshire sausages served with mash, peas and rich onion gravy  - £8.95


-  Scampi; Whole tail breaded scampi, salad garnish, homemade coleslaw, chips and tartare   - £8.95


-  Sausage, Chips and Beans; Primes Lincolnshire sausages with baked beans and gourmet chips  - £8.25


-  Ham, Egg and Chips; Four slices of lean gammon ham, two fried eggs and gourmet chips  - £9.55


-  Cod and Chips; A fresh cod fillet served in our own beer batter, with peas, chips and tartare  - £7.25


-  Fishcakes; Two smoked haddock, mozzarella and spring onion fishcakes served with our giant jacket wedges, homemade coleslaw and a sweet chilli dip  - £8.95


-  X-L Haddock; Extra large fresh haddock fillet, served in our own beer batter with peas, chips and tartare sauce  - £9.45


-  The Fish Platter; A selection of scampi, filo pastry wrapped prawns, cod goujons, whitebait and a crabcake, with chips, salad and tartare  - £9.95


-  Veggie Burger; Homemade vegetarian nut burger is similar to our famous nut roast, served with salad, homemade slaw and curly fries  - £9.95


-  Veggie Chilli; Homemade vegetarian chilli, on a bed of rice, garlic bread as an option  - £9.25 // Garlic bread £10.25


-  Spanish Chicken; A combination of Chicken, chorizo and olives in a tomato based spanish sauce served with rice  - £9.45


-  100% Steak Burger; 100% steak burger (227g/8oz) served with lettuce, tomatoes, onion and gourmet chips, coleslaw and chioce of sauce. Cheese can be added. (approx uncooked weight)  - £9.25 // Cheese £9.95


-  Chicken Fillet Burger; Breaded deep fried chicken fillet served with lettuce, tomatoes, onion, homemade coleslaw and curly fries  - £9.25



-  Large Omelettes; All served with salad garnish and gourmet fluffy chips.


With a choice of fillings;  (combinations avail.)

Plain  - £6.65

Mushroom  - £7.25

Cheese  - £7.25

Ham  - £7.25





Cheesecake of the day served with fresh cream  - £2.25


Small vanilla ice cream  - £2.25


Sticky toffee pudding, served hot in a toffee sauce  - £4.25


Hot chocolate pudding in a chocolate sauce  - £4.25


Extras; Custard, Cream, Ice cream - £1,25




Light lunches